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Talking Total Abdominal Hysterectomy & Endometrial Carcinoma

Hi Guys

I had to have a Total Abdominal Hysterectomy in Jan 2011, aged 45yrs, due to abnormal cells after a cervical smear test done, had a biopsy done & MRI Scan, which reveled something suspicious on the Lining of my womb, i was in complete shock & didn't want a hysterectomy, i tried for children for many years, had one miscarriage & tired IVF Treatment which was unsuccessful, me & my husband were thinking about trying IVF again untill i was told i had to have a hysterectomy, they told me it was for the best & i didn't really have a choice in the matter, i was beside myself, so went ahead had the TAH, after the pathology results came back they said i had Stage 1, Grade 1, Endometrial Carcinoma on the lining of my womb, i was very lucky it was found so early,

But what i am sad about is that i didn't think about having any eggs from my ovaries Saved, only because it was all such a rush,
but it was down to my health & could have been my life if i hadn't had it done,

they also told me I'd have to go onto HRT, (hormone replacement therapy)
after my hysterectomy because my ovaries were taken away, as i,d probably be premenopausal because of the age of my my hysterectomy, but i haven't had any symptoms of the menopause since the TAH, that was 18mths ago,
I'm quite shocked i haven't gone thu it yet, has anyone else been thu the same as me?

I worry now that my cancer will come back on another organ, they did say it had all been taken away & i didn't need any other kind of treatment or follow up appointments, i did ask them how would i no if it came back,

There Answer.. if i ever get any swelling or pain in my abdomen again?

Really comforting to no, as women would no we all get swelling to our tummies & pain now & then, so now its left me paranoid!

would love to hear abt anyone else's stories of the same or similar nature,

I'm a newbie to this site, so hope I've posted it right!

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