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Question about Schizophrenia medications (Clozaril and Haldol)

Hello all!

My name is Alex and I have a question about schizophrenia medications. I've done some research and found a lot of people touting Clozaril. How do other medications such as Haldol compare? I have a friend who said Clozaril gave him his life back and Haldol paled in comparison. My girlfriend of several years now has Schizophrenia and was on Clozaril and is back on Haldol. Her father believes her psychiatrist and social worker were in a conspiracy to test clazoril on her and was very much opposed to her taking it. Her psychologist and I both noticed she did markedly better on clazoril (after only a few months) than on haldol, but her father disagrees. Also, I noticed the weight gain seems to be worse on haldol. Since switching from clozail to haldol she has gained 10 lbs. Also, is there anything to help the weight gain side effect that it seems all the medications have? She is now 40 lbs over her normal weight and her cholesterol is dangerously high and she has lower back problems due to most of the weight storing in the front of her stomach (which I find unusual because I thought people gained weight more evenly). Is weight gain inherent to the drugs themselves and does it mostly occur around the belly, or is the weight gain a product of other side effects like lethargy, slowed metabolism, ect.? Namely, if she started eating healthier quantities and exercising daily would she return to her normal weight with time even though she's still on the drugs? She used to be in track and enjoyed running, and while on clozaril started running again, but now she seems to make excuses to not run, and recently she told me she was trying to gain weight. Her doctors have advised her to lose weight.
Thanks for any feedback!

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