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Re: Boyfriend just diagnosed with Hepatitis C

Originally Posted by DevotedGF View Post
This is my first post, as I just came across this website while looking for answers to my questions. My boyfriend has just been diagnosed with Hepatitis C. I have already been tested and I am negative. So I have a few questions:

He has never done IV drugs. He was deployed to Afghanistan two years ago and just got back a year ago so the VA doctors tell him that he probably contracted it while on deployment. He has been in a few physical altercations with other guys which left both parties bloody and gashed. He has also done cocaine in his past. All of these things happened before he was deployed though. So, I'm wondering, doesn't the military test for this before they deploy someone? If he had this from those other things wouldn't they have found it then? If so, then the only means by which he came in contact with the virus would be on deployment. I know nothing about what they do before or after deployment as far as health testing. Could someone enlighten me?

Also, since I am negative I am worried about contracting it. I have read so many conflicting articles online about the chances of sexual contraction of the virus. What are the chances that I can contract the virus from him if there's no blood shared? We don't get crazy in bed or anything.

Finally, he is still drinking occassionally. Not often, but when he does he drinks quite a bit. I've said things about it but he gets very defensive. He hasn't yet gotten the results from his viral load test....or so he says he hasn't. How long does that test take to get back? If his viral load is ok, is it ok for him to be drinking?

I'm just concerned for him, and myself. Any insight is much appreciated. He and I both are very educated but neither of us are health professionals and have never dealt with anything even close to this. Thanks for any advice and insight!
I wish I knew about the military but I don't.
I wanted to share that Hep C has a very low rate of sexual transmission especially if your in a long term monogamous relationship. The cdc shares great information on their site. You should follow the advice of your doctor and do what you feel comfortable with.
Remember to be careful if he gets cut, be proactive if you have to come into contact with his blood. I'm sure you know but never share toothbrushes or razors. As you know alcohol should be completely avoided, but you can't control him. The viral load tests should be back within a few weeks.

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