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Re: How to stop stomach spasms?

Hi Gmak :-) Fainting was 'analysed' by the doctor and said it may have been due to pressure drops. He kind of explained to me how that is possible but I have now forgotten. Something to do with how the gastritis worked with the breathlessness if I remember right. This fainting went away two month ago and didn't return. So, not to worry, this was resolved for good. Did ECHO and ECG due to the strange heart beat and both came out alright. The gastritis was upsetting everything (apparently some get this rapid heartbeat).

I will look in to this yeast matter and thanks so much for pointing this out. I've lost quite a lot of faith in my doctor hence I feel like I cannot go back to him. He got me confused with another patient and wrote me a CT scan. I nearly went to get it (all that radiation!) but double checked to see whether I REALLY needed it because I was not showing signs of ulcers or anything else...just gas gas gas. Then I found that he did that by mistake because he got me confused with a different patient. Things like this and also, I kept telling him that I've had gastritis for like 10 years and he kept repeating from time to time "wonder why this condition came all of a sudden" and also "if it was someone who had this condition for a long time I'd wouldn't have been troubled". he even hearing what I'm saying...I wonder! :-( I felt that he was asking me to go get the endo and the colonoscopy done because he was puzzled by the sudden appearance of gastritis/IBS. But I've HAD this for such a long time...just that 5 courses of antibiotics was the 'new' addition to my list after which my stomach entered a new realm of reactive existence :-o When doctors are like this, it is so hard to think they can do much for you. But I will go back to him and ask whether I can cut down on the doses of my meds as my symptoms settle down. <sob sob sob>...they are so busy these doctors. When I go to show my reports, he looks at them in the corridor while in transit from one ward room to another. Maybe 2 mins spent with the reports..?!

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