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Re: I can't believe this

Good for you, Irisrose!

Peri wasn't particularly miserable for me, however when I first began missing periods, I had quite a few awful symptoms. I was so desperate, I considered taking HRT or Bio-Identical hormone therapy. (You may remember my posts) One was too costly for me (I visited several Bio doctors that wouldn't give me the necessary compounded hormones unless I paid for hundreds of dollars of supplements) As for the HRT, that was out of the question due to having cancer throughout my family.

By the time I missed about 5 periods or so, most of my symptoms had vanished. The few that have remained are merely a nuisance. I used to exercise frequently prior to all of this and after reading your post, I'm going to dust off my exercise bike and treadmill and start an exercise program again.

Thank you for such an inspiring post!