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Re: I can't believe this

I truly wasn't expecting any of this. I simply wanted to get healthier and try and lose my belly fat I got with the progesterone cream. I packed on 15lbs from Feb to June and the only thing different was the addition of progesterone. So that's what I'm blaming but maybe it's not.

I haven't lost all of the weight, I've really only been able to knock off 5lbs of it. But I feel better and I LOVE that the anxiety is gone. Oh how I hated it! It would even bubble up in my sleep and wake me up and keep me up.

I can't say everything is perfect (mostly my sleep because I just don't go to bed early enough). But most of the other symptoms have let up.

Like I said before, the liver is huge in breaking down excess estrogen. And if things are sluggish because of diet or lack of exercise, then the excess estrogen can't be cleared from the body often.

I hope it works for you ladies who give it a try. It's cheap and you can prolong your life by trying to get rid of peri symptoms.