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lab results, but still have symptoms :(

latest labs:

TSH 1.64 (0.30-3)
FREE T3 3.24 (2.5-3.9)
FREE T4 1.00 (0.58-1.64)
VITAMIN D 23.6 (20-49.9)
TSI 89 (<140%)
TPO AS OF 9/6/2012 WAS 933 HIGH (<60)

I've had a hyper episode last week of september that resolved. just wanted to see what you all thyroid savvy patients think if i should be treated with natural or synthetic low dose hormone in the meantime that im dealing with hashimotos.. or what my endo presumes i have? i thought this whole time it would "go away on its own" but my thyroid is slowly being destroyed. my symptoms arent severe but they do include muscle aches in am, sometimes throughout the day, exhausted, itchy feet/legs at night only, sweating at night only, but not profusely, unable to get a good nights rest, fatigued, feeling like im not myself, ive had panic attacks, anxiety, shortness of breath, and heart palpitations, nervousness that eventually resolved. my normal bp is usually high 90-low 100's/60's and my HR is usually 70-90 bpm. my endo tested me for adrenal disorder but it came back normal. i cant explain why im still symptomatic even if my labs are within normal range. ive read online that people still get treated for their symptoms despite labs.

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