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re: so alone and so sad

What a crazy situation. I had to read it a couple of times to even understand what you are saying. So someone was stalking you guys and they stopped but you flipped out and kept it going? Is that what I'm reading? At least someone replies to what you write. I wrote something before you and opeople read it but no one has any advice to give me. I went to the social services office today to see if they can help me with a lawyer and they said no. Wht would you do if you were me?

If I were you I would keep working on myself and if you really were sick then i can understand where your coming from. really do get how bad it is to have someone cheat on you. I did the same thing and i cant live with myself sometimes. if someone cheated on me i might go all crazy too. that still doesnt mean someone should hit you so you better not have laid a finger on your ex.

its friday night and im sad looking at messageboards. what kind of life is that? no one ever even responds.