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urethritis question

I had some sores on my bum crack but I'm a virgit but have got oral sex, the doctor said he thinks it's a hair follicule infection . Now it's almost fully healed. But I have this burning sensation an inch down from the head of my penis. Thing is I've had this since I was like 9 years old. Btw I have no sores are anything near my penis at all. But I find it odd that this pain is coming on now around the time that I had my supposive hair follicule infection. Also it doesent Hurt that bad. It's just a mild burn. That some times it constant for like 8 hours straight, and sometimes like 30 mins. It also comes and goes. Sometimes I go pee
And it doesent burn and I feel normal after, where as the next time it does burn after and stays burning for a while after. Its mostly triggered by ejaculation. And as a said a mild burning a inch down from the head that comes and goes by the hour. Also I always get this burn no matter what day of the year if I ejaculate full out. I have to let go right before I ejaculate so it drips out. And that makes it not hurt as bad. I have never had any discharge over the years. And my urethra looks fine when I spread it. It's inside the penis on the bottum kind of. It seems to burn a ton If I stop peeing when I'm not done yet. Or when I squeezed penis while peeing. The pain just sort of lingeres.

the pain drives me crazy. For a bit I thought it was acidic urine from soda but ejaculation makes it hurt the most so I had second thoughts about that. I usually don't get it from urinating but I have been lately. If it was herpes would it be like this? Sometimes it feels good when I pee but burns after. I have been to many urologists but they can't find the problem.

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