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Re: Getting shoulder stretched under anesthesia after cuff surgery

you know that is a very good question. When I was doing PT there were some exercises that I could feel some popping and it felt like something was sliding back and forth and they told me not to worry unless it was causing pain. and now this seems to be in the same spot. I can't remember which exercises it was though daggone it. I think that would help him diagnose. my memory is so bad. I have so much going on. I went yesterday to a gastro dr. because I have had nausea/diarrhea/constipation issues since april and now I have to have colonoscopy/upper endo and a ultrasound of my gall bladder. too much stuff, ya know?

also I am now experiencing some additional pain in the shoulder blade area. I hope one of the anchors or whatever you call them didn't come loose. I think he did two.

did I ever tell you that my insurance is rejecting the bill for anesthesia for my block? 4K+ something about it not being in the drs notes. (dr being the anesthesiologist) I mean really, too much going on. so I got a copy of the pre-op and op notes from the hospital and of course I can't read the drs handwriting. But on the typed notes from the ortho it says a block was done. so I am not sure exactly what they are talking about I am getting ready to call them now.

I hope you get some relief from the shot, I so wish I could get those I think I told you I cannot because I have Addison's disease and am not supposed to take any steroids because it affects my adrenal glands by putting them to sleep. However, I have had one or two when something has been really bad, this may be the case?

back to PT, huh? joy joy. I don't mind the PT itself its just the time it takes up.

Did we ever discuss Voltaren Gel/Cream? Its like celebrex in a cream form, gets absorbed very quickly into the area within minutes and really helps with the pain....unless its very deep inside. maybe see if he/she has samples. I have been using it on my shoulder and it has been helping.

ok, gotta go call the insurance co, good luck, Cathy