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Re: Do doctors frown upon the uninsured?

Thank you for your response!No,I pay cash and have NO problem with doing so.I never say a word about what I pay or the amount..I have no balance from when I previously had insurance and had a copay..I am paid up in full.I wasnt sure if doctors got some sort of "kickback" like they do from pharmacies,when they prescribe their drugs alot..I wasnt sure if the doctors had a quota of some sort,and through insurance,they made more money off the patient due to the provider paying,and the patient paying,if that makes any sense..I had actually read somehwere,that alot of doctors were actually encouraging cash payments due to the increase of insurance problems...and all the paper work that goes with it...But I dont know if that is exactly true,as it seems since I lost my insurance,I havent been treated as I was before.I walk in the door,pay,,wait alittle,get taken back,doctor rushes in,signs my refills,and seems to dismiss any questions I have,as if I dont know my own body or what Im talking about,as if Im wasting his time....????