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Re: 3 wks post RFA

Dear Kev629,
I wanted to know more about it moving. I have had a stimulator put in 08. I then was switched to the VA system and they decided putting another stimulator higher in my back with more leads would be more beneficial. Since these surgeries, I have severe pain in my back and hips (hips- I had one battery in one hip and taken out, and the new one put in the other hip). The RFA is where they burn the nerves of my back with the hopes some day they will not grow back. It is so painful in my back over last surgery when the nerves aren't burned that I can't even handle light touch. I'm in severe pain almost half the year that I can hardly move. When the injections take effect (8wks after and they last 5-6 months) it is a little better, until its time to do it again. I'm not sure if I'm hurting myself more by doing this....but it helps for a couple months before I can't handle it again. This disease just is miserable!!!

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