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Re: Pain after Microdisectomy? Any help appreciated!

I was big into heavy weight lifting and cardio. Hell I use to run 6 miles on concrete a week no issues. As of now, I jog on grass and only do body weigh exercices, push ups , pull ups etc.

The docs say weight lifting is fine as long as you do high reps low weight. I love sports, I played college soccer and club ball but as of now nothing. My surgeon said golf is fine. I played probably 30 times with no issues. I played on one Sunday afternoon and that Monday morning my calf started to tingle. I have no Idea if golf caused it or if its something else such as scar tissue.

I have come to the realization that as much as I love sports, and weight lifting messing up my back is nowhere near worth the risk. You never realize how important your back is until you screw it up. I get paranoid lifting ten lbs now.

I suffered from depression and anxiety from all this crap. Im just ready for it to be over!

Its been almost 3 years haha