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Re: I can't believe this

Originally Posted by CherylLynn24 View Post
I think her point was that life can be prolonged through exercise, as well as quality of life. Studies confirm this. Google is your friend.
That's what I meant. Exercise helps prolong your life and if you get some good by-product like less perimeno symptoms - Great!

And estrogen can cause anxiety. Progesterone is the calming hormone that counters the more energetic hormone estrogen. So when there is too much estrogen and not enough progesterone to balance it, that's when estrogen dominance happens. A lot of perimeno women complain of anxiety and it's the unopposed estrogen that can cause it. I tried balancing it with progesterone cream and it did help somewhat. But I think the exercise is yielding even better results, for me anyway, than the RX progesterone cream. Cheaper too!