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Re: When does BMP finish growing or fusing?

[QUOTE=teteri66;5071876]I'm not really disputing your conclusions, but keep in mind that going to several surgeons who practice at the same hospital is pretty much like getting an opinion from one surgeon. Surgeons from one program tend to follow the same procedures, particularly in an academic department.

BMP lawsuits are still on-going. Some have been settled, but new ones are you have a tough decision to make. Your fusion is going to be so high up. I wonder if that makes any difference?[/QUOTE]

The last surgeon said he can use other things as well if I don't want BMP. He said there are artificial bones and cadaver bones. I think he said he would use both...he said he needs a lot of material to fill the area. I just hope I fuse. I wonder what determines if a person fuses or not.