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Re: Parkinson and breathing difficulty

Originally Posted by NCgranny1 View Post
I am also experiencing breathing difficulties. The prognosis appears to be that the Parkinson's is affecting the diaphragm, which causes my breaths to be "shallow" Has anyone else experienced anything like this? My doctors act "clueless." If I take a relaxant (i.e. Xanas or Ativan) it seems to help for awhile. I've been through sleep disorder tests, and am currently using a CPAP at night, which seems to help somewhat.
I've had DBS surgery twice (the latest in April, 2011) and this manifestation of the disease, if it is indeed due to Parkinson's, has appeared since that time. Doctors do not seem to want to admit there could be any connection to Parrkinson's, but I think there is!
This diaphragm approach may have something. How do we confirm it, and how do we fix it? Is Parkinson medicine the best to cope with this?