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Re: When does BMP finish growing or fusing?

Yes it is a rare surgery. No I don't smoke. I think the surgeon worked for Medtronic...I don't know if he still is. I just found that out by researching him online. He did say he will respect my wishes and not use BMP if I choose not to. He just better not sneak it in! I guess the other two things are cadaver mixed with my own bone and synthetic mixed with my own bone. I don't think there are any other choices left for fusions. I didn't want to take bone from my hip, but it seems like there really isn't any other choice that will help the fusion. I wish BMP didn't have a cancer risk. I was reading the link and it was pretty significant (number of ppl that got cancer). On the other hand I also don't want a failed fusion because I could end up in so much more pain and with problems later because it's so high up. I wish they knew more about BMP. That Yale study was flawed because of the bias with the study that was done prior to Yale stepping in. So they didn't have the correct data. I've heard they use this stuff in dental implants too. So do those people have the same risk for cancer? I live in Los Angeles and beleive it or not there really aren't too many other surgeons that do this other than the large hospitals. This surgeon was telling me the BMP off lable use is like 85% or something like that in all spine fusions. I think if more people were aware of the risks it would be much lower. The fact that they don't even talk about it and just say it's a protein makes people think it's nothing serious. I guess they're just hoping most people don't ask about it so they can use it for their own studies.

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