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Re: Total Abdominal Hysterectomy & Endometrial Carcinoma

Hi there,
Great user name, LUVBUG,

Thanks so much for the reply,

I no how lucky i was really for the E,Carcinoma to be caught so early on,
But had a few of probs since the TAH, back in the late 1980,s had my fallopin tubes unblocked & a large cyst on my overy, back then they preformed different Opparations to what they do today, they cut me across my abdomen area & for years i had probs with bowl motions & uniary probs, was in & out with of hosptial with Ovarian cysts on my right ovary, had them drained so many times & they even cut it away at one point, but they kept coming back, they did consider taking the ovary away years ago but it never happend,

had my cervical smear tests religously, so was so suprised when i had to have the TAH & early E,carcinma, found, but the Consultant did say that its most likely i'd have probs with my bowls & uniery becasue of the previous Opp's, and may need treatment or opp in the future, they actaully cut across the same Incision i had back in the late 80,s to preform the TAH, they were going to cut an Incision from my belly button to my abdomen, so was so happy they cut over the same Incision i already had, but due to any pervious abdomen Opp,s its most likely the case most people end up with scar tissue probs, which i had & think thats what had caused probs with my bowls & uniray, like you i was diagonesd with IBS years ago aswel, same lower abdomin pains when need to have a motion, can be so painful somtimes can't they, since the TAH i basically live on laxitves, Lactose, horrid stuff, but works quickly, but started eating weetabix for my breaky now & seems to help loads, think its the same thing as lactose anyway,

Had a Ultrascan a month ago & everything seemd ok, no gallstones, or kidney problems, but they found i had a fatty liver, & 3 liver spots & have to have antoher U,scan in 6mnths to see if they have gone or spread, i suppose they are checking because of my previous history, last year was diagoned with type 2 diabeites, which really pee,d me off big time:-( think this may of been caurse of fatty liver prob, so am joining a weight watchers programme to hopfully help me lose some weight, I'm not Obese, but will be if i don't do somthk abt it now!

Its nice to hear of other people like yourself who have gone thu a simlar experience to me,

So thank you :-)

Hugs Lelou x