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Re: Tapering Norco help

Originally Posted by briannamermaid View Post
so, bad news. dr. says i shouldn't stop the meds. we had a very very long talk about the fact that until i have my jaw pain under control i will have to take pain medications. there was a lot of crying on my part because i was really wanting to stop the pain meds, but in the end i agreed that it's either all or nothing. i need them for the pain. and the next step to get my jaw issue under control is an oral surgeon and that will most likely require me to be on more pain meds anyways. when i finally DO stop, i will be back here though. i will you all the best of luck in getting off of these terrible medications.
Hello brianna,

First and foremost, let me state for the record,that it brings me no joy to know that yet another person has crossed over to chronic pain status.
I use to view chronic pain as a sentence I had to serve while not knowing the offense.This made me not only angry at myself but at the world in general.I was always left with the same question at the end of the day:"why me and why at this point in time?"
Long story short,I was addicted to cocaine for approximately 10 years(there were times that I would discontinue use for 7 months or longer and then relapse but this is for another time).
When I finally stayed stopped,I began to do some wondrous things(looking back at it all know,I even amazed myself).
Little did I realize that it would last for the better part of 5 years.
You see,I was involved in a motor vehicle accident,which has become life-altering in more ways than one.
Not a day goes by that I don't replay the events over and over.My inability to control it can be frustrating.

Some 7 years have passed,since that summer day in 2005(I can even recall the weather).

I now realize that life owes me nothing and I should be grateful for each day that life provides for me.
With that being said,I report today that I still struggle with issues and my thought processes are less than desirable but i'm alive.

As long as I have another day,possibilities are endless,not ending.

Please feel free to share as often as you like,for you are amongst those who work through the pain on a daily basis.
There's strength in numbers;please try not to weather all the weight by yourself.

Respectful Sincerity

When in doubt, post it out.

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