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Re: lab results, but still have symptoms :(

Gosh you sure do remind me of myself. The good news about you is today we live in a world of the internet, where you can research and learn. I have not tried other thyroid meds, just the Armour and the Cytomel. Yes, these did alleviate symptoms. It makes sense to me you would like to find the best med for you. It seems to me, given posts on this site, that finding the one med for you is an individual quest. I too asked that same question. It seems thyroid meds affect different people in individual ways. The best I could do was take a chance and take a med that would help to alleviate some symptoms. When I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's I lived with fatigue, depression, weight gain for a very long time. I guess you could say I was in denial, like what you said in an earlier post, I thought it would "go away". I am older than you, so learn from me. Keep asking questions, make the best decisions you can. There is wisdom here. There is wisdom in books. Even though you do not feel well and are confused about what path to take, let me remind you what you have that is good: You are young, you have a mother to help you out and you are inquisitive enough to research the best way to help yourself. Trust the answers will come.