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Re: foot drop?

Originally Posted by LucyBee210 View Post
hi Tony & Kathleen: This is my first post and so glad I found the topic on foot drop. I suddenly developed nerve damage and foot drop to the left foot after suffering with sciatica for 8 months. On top of that, due to the foot drop I fell on July 13th, 2012 and fractured the base of the 5th metatarsal. My foot is just about healed from the fracture but still so very swollen and I know the extreme pain is from the nerve damage. this condition started in April (2012) and it is very debilitating. I use a cane now and am being fitted with a foot brace to prevent the foot from dropping and causing another injury. I am taking Gabapentin 400 mg for the pain which does help and inbetween I take Lortab 7.5 mg. Sleeping is the worst since the pain tends to be worse at night than during the day when I am mobile. My neurologist cannot answer my questions as to when I can expect to have a normal foot again. I am being scheduled for an MRI of the left knee to see if there might be a cyst or tumor behind the knee pressing on the nerve. Other than that I am living with this and it has really interrupted my life in that I am so restricted in doing the things I did before and took for granted. Simple tasks like general housecleaning ... oh well .. I could go on and on but you get the picture. Just wanted to input my dilemma...