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Re: Am I wanting to fight or was he wrong?

Sorry you have trouble with your friend. First of all, it depends on whatever relationship it is. Are you his wife? Are you going to break off? What is the status? It seems you are trying now as you like each other a lot. Honestly, if the relationship is hanging in the air, you really need to have some space between 2 of you. I don't see why he has to tell you everything. If he posts in ********, you can read it there as well and say you like it or comment on it in **. Yes you got him a lot of apps and you want to communicate. But why should he always tell you everything if he has a conference? If he is on the road, he may need to tell you the rough schedule, but not the details about hotels or meetings... Also he is/was in another country. Calling you would be expensive. Emailing you may take his time. When a person travels abroad, there are lots of stuff to do to take care of himself so he may not have time to text you. You just need to know he is doing well, and that is enough.

He has his own privacy and you have your own.
Perhaps you should leave some space. Maybe he needs some room to breathe. Yes he would share with you his good news but if you are having issues, he may want to cool it down a bit and see.

I don't even care where my sisters go for outings although I would like to know some major trips they make with my parents. But even in family, things like too much details are difficult to share. It is either too time-consuming to tell you all or it is their privacy.
I got some stuff I don't tell my folks or my husband. My husband never tells me any details at work about his meetings unless I need to contact him for urgency...

Please leave some space or privacy first. Then you can work on the relationship from a better angle. If you want to follow him too closely, he may think you don't trust him. It is like he got his own life and doesn't need to tell you everything. Do you tell him everything? You also have your own schedule, so it is best that you also focus on your own while he is out of town.


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