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Odds of me having a brain tumor? 19 years old

So I have this worry that I have a brain tumor of some sort. Now the reason I think I have one is because of this.
1. About 1 week ago I was having pain in two specific spots in my head. One was above and behind my right ear, and the other was above my left temple. And the pain would move to behind my eyes. But both pains would never occur at the same time.
2. I will have nausea in the morning. This has not occurred every single morning, and my head NEVER hurts when I have the nausea, although nonetheless I have had the nausea. And I have never actually vomited when the nausea occurs.
3. I had some bad memory problems a few months ago, but this has since gone away.
4. I have had ataxia around the same time as the memory loss, but like the memory loss that has too gone away.
5. I had terrible headaches before. They would occur generally after work and I would take OTC medications for it and they would go away, but they would only go away if I took the medications.
6. I have lately had random insomnia where I have very vivid dreams. And one of those dreams a few weeks ago was me having a brain tumor!
So I am really convinced that I have a brain tumor. I even went to the doctor for this a few months ago, and she did a neurological test on my, I.E. checked my reflexes, my pupils, etc. and said I was just fine. I'm just really scared and I want to have a CT scan done just to see if I have one or not, but no one believes me. I have talked to my doctor, I have talked to my parents, and everyone else and they all say the same thing, that it's all in my head. I don't think that these symptoms are all in my head though. I'm only 19 and I don't want my life to be over. Can somone please help me, thank you.