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Re: Pain Below Sternum

If I didn't know any better I would have thought I wrote that exact message just veer a year ago. What you are exp is classic Gerds I was having the exact symptoms this time last year I went to get scoped and the dr found Gerds & Barrett's I was less than pleased. I have been battling these symptoms since then some days are good some are bad I went to the dr recently because of the pressure / pain in the middle of then chest sometimes to the left or right or in the center I pushed for more test what I rally wanted was a echo test to check my heart but what I got was a ct scan of my abdomen which I thought wold be worthless but they found a small hiatal hernia my dr says this would explain the chest pain, food getting stuck problems swallowing food coming back up. He says a HH can cause chest pain because it sits right in front of your heart can also trap air which feels like pressure. He said for me to get a BP monitor so I cold check it when I'm feeling all these so that I would feel better i thought he was of base but it does help to check it even though I'm not sure what I'm checking for. I do not have any cures of answer for you just to let you know that your not alone. My dr says to find my trigger foods which are what everything! Recently due to burning in chest complaints he has switched my PPi to Nexuim which I have never taken before been on it for almost a month def best I've felt in awhile but I still have episodes not sure why. Have you tried a PPI in the morning and a H2 blocker at night? Along with some Gaviscon Neil you get the right meds to help you. How long ago did they find your Barrett's ?

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