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Re: minor coarse ultrasound liver texture

Originally Posted by shersita View Post
Hi forehand.

One doctor once told me, fatty liver diagnosis from radiologist is not accurate, one radiologist can see lot of fat on the ultrasound machine other radiologist could see little fat on your liver ultrasound.

You can have fatty liver of course, cause it shows up on ultrasound, but how much fat, i'm affraid is not accurate on ultrasound machines. That's why most doctors also request blood test of ALT, AST, GGT liver enzymes. If those ones are on normal levels, that means currently your liver is not inflamed, it has some fat on it but is not inflamed, doctors are more concerned when your liver is inflamed cause then is when damaged start to occur and NASH begins and if not taken care on time cirrhosis could develop later.

The concern is don't allow your liver to become inflamed, it could be fatty yes, but don't let it get inflamed and you will be Ok. The only way to find out if liver is inflamed or not is with blood test of liver enzymes. You should take one every 6 months and change life style like no more drinks, fatty foods, sugars, etc.
YES I have also found this to be very true. Believe me, you can have 3 ultrasounds in the same day and get 3 totally different reports.
The important things here are: your spleen is not enlarged since it wasn't meant ironed, no ascites were noticed, no regenerative nodules, no Murphy's Sign, no dilation of bilary tree. All those things point to chirrosis. I wouldn't go crazy over this especially if your labs are normal. Try to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Btw, today's high frequency ultrasounds (if done at a good hospital) are very good at picking up micro-nodules.