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Re: weaker

I'm the same. I use my power chair as much as possible (I'm not that stable on my feet anymore)

I bought a power chair about 2 months ago and it is a blessing.

I can do most things in the chair and still get up to shower and cook. (If I stand too long my legs starts burning and my back hurts badly.)

I use the chair to move over to my recliner, do washing, anything that is high or low enough for me to reach.

I feel more relaxed if I'm alone at home now.

I have a 'downward" period every year or so and now walking becomes a danger

My usual "stand up points' doesn't work anymore except for my bed and bathroom so I need the chair to get to those points

I'm not sure forcing yourself to walk is a good idea because for me it strains my muscles and then I sit with pain in the evenings

I suppose we all deal with our situations like we feel suits us so Iím sure you will also find a way to cope in a way that helps you

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