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Re: Sudden, Severe Pelvic/Rectum/Abdominal Pain

Did you find out the cause of your pain? Five days ago I had a sudden severe pain in my lower abdomen EXACTLY as you both described. I delivered 2 boys without drugs and this was FAR worse. So bad that I passed out in the hallway as I was trying to get my husband. He had 1 more "1" to dial for the paramedics. It took me awhile before I could feel my legs to get up. My arms were numb and I felt like electricity was going through my hands. On the way to Urgent Care my legs started shaking uncontrollably like during delivery. 45 mins to an hour later, all pain was gone. But I felt like I had been beat up inside for the next few days. No other symptoms other than the last 2 nights after dinner it was like my intestines were set on liquefy. Not a lot of pain, but concerning. Though this morning was the last episode. I have also been exhausted.
After reading, I have self diagnosed myself with: stomach ulcers and anemia, diverticulosis, colon cancer and stomach cancer...or, merely a burst cyst.
I feel silly going to the Dr now that all seems well.
I should note that the Urgent Care Dr. said there was an intestinal bug going around, and thought I was constipated...though I don't think so. I did take a double dose of Miralax as he suggested and took the regular dose for the next 2 days.
Just looking for an answer. If that happened when I was driving, I and my passengers, and those around me would be in trouble.