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Re: Where to go for non-mesh repair

Yup, all depends on your insurance (or lack of) on how you want to go about finding a surgeon. My insurance doesn't require referrals so I researched general surgeons (I didn't go to one that specializes in hernia repair), picked one I liked, and just went for it. I only needed one consultation and it was very easily diagnosed (didn't even need imaging). I liked that they wanted to do a traditional repair with no mesh, but they did say they would have to do regular incisions (not laporascopic) to be able to see everything and be sure there wasn't too much tension.

The only negative is that I think I've developed adhesions from from the incisions (I had two hernias, so 2 cuts). I wish I had known about the risk of adhesions beforehand so I could have tried some kind of preventive care. That's my advice to others going through a similar procedure!