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Re: minor coarse ultrasound liver texture

Keep going with the healthy life style Forehand36.

You said blood test of liver enzymes are Ok, that's means currently your liver is not inflamed (that's very good news). Blood test of liver enzymes is not a diagnosed, which means we cannot know if our livers already have some sort of damaged from the past, blood test is for current situation of the liver but it doesn't reflect old damaged that is there.

The good news is, liver is a very powerfull organ and even with some damaged of tissue it can continue working nicely for several years (or for life if be keep monitoring liver enzymes and taking care of our health).

Doctors usually don't show any concern about fatty liver on ultrasound if liver enzymes are ok, since if the liver is not inflamed it won't continue to get damaged, so probably that's why your doctor didn't call you for an appointment.

But, to ease your mind you can visit your doctor for any further questions, he probably will explain to you to change life style and won't show any concern since your liver enzymes still on normal range.