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Re: Flu shot with lyme

Hi Layla, the flu shot is "not" good even for so called healhy people, my opinion. That being said, here is my experince.

When I had no clue what I had eons of years ago. My doc at that time told me that my immune system was weak. So I needed the flu shot. I got it, and was WORSE for months.

From where you are sitting read up what is in flu shot. There are heavy metals, and many toxins in them. They can cause alsheirmers on down the road and many other conditions. There are only 3 strains of flu that are supposedly covered. From what I hear there are new strains of flu all the time. So think of how many vaccines you would have to pump into your already sick body and brain.

My chiropractor years ago gave me a list of things in those shots.
The best thing to do is to take high levels of vitamin C, drink good water to clean out your body. Eat good. In other words, keep your immune system up.

But with anything,it is all up to each of us. I think this scare tactic every year is wrong to make u go spend money on big pharma. Just my opinion.

I have repeatedly seen others get the shot and still get sick within a few days.