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spouse w depression

i have been w my husband for 13 years we have 2 beautiful girls 11 and 7 and i have an older daughter from a previous relationship. my husband has always had some issues but he would function and at least work. hes not socialable at all and even makes no atempt to be close to his family. 3 years ago he finally agreeed to get help and since has lost his job due to an anxiety attack on the job. he doesnt take any med snow they made him worse and he felt horrible. he is seeing an emdr specialist now and it seems to help but only on his appt days. basically i am just tired of being a parent and pushing him to do things that he should want to do for himself. i am tired of being everything for everyone. i do everything at home and now i have started working too. i am just tired and i need support as well. he doesnt talk so his family seems to think hes okay since he lies tothem when they call him he answers that hes fine. i cant do this alone im tired of being his only outlet. its wearing on me and i dont know how much longer i can do this, not because i dont want to help him but because i literally am getting burned out emotinally-i have had to be so strong for so long and i am just so tired of putting on my brave face when all i do when no one is watching is cry and fret over this.

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