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Re: I dont understand the fear of throwing up!????

I sooooo understand what you are going through because I have this phobia. I've had it all my life but in the last 8 1/2 years it has been much worse. Everyday it's on my mind & at night it can be terrible because I always think to myself 'what if I puke?' 'What if I ate something bad?' I have a list of foods that I feel are safe to eat but I really do LIKE to eat. Two years ago I ate fish & a few hours later the nausea was sooooo awful. I was afraid to puke. In fact I had to make myself puke to get rid of the feeling of wanting to puke. Since then my phobia has gotten worse. Everyday that I eat I know I'm taking a risk. I really feel that those around me don't really understand me. I really HATE it when people say ' no one likes to be sick'. True BUT if would be wonderful if people could step into my shoes and experience for themselves this phobia.