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Dull, constant pain on right side

Hello Everyone,

I have posted here about this before. I'm just looking to get a new perspective. I have an ongoing pain on my right side pretty much all the time. Is it unbearable? No. Is it annoying? Yes. Does it spike after a meal? Not really.

I have been fed everything from IBS to gallbladder but nothing definitive. I tested negative for celiac disease and eat very healthy and am active. I've also had a CT scan of my gallbladder that showed "gravel" or "sand" as they called it.

I had a colonoscopy done (family history of colon cancer) that came back clean.

This has been going on for over a year. Anyone have a thought?

Bowel movements are frequent (daily) and normal. Nothing unusual in them.

29 Year old Male
6"3 170lbs Athletic build

No medical history to speak of.

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