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Re: Mom has taken a major turn

Okay, so just when things seems to be going well... First, mom has been out of the hospital for a almost two weeks. She is doing much better and looks better. She is walking around and seems happy. Then, this morning when I went to see her I found a plant that she had received at the hospital tipped over on her dining room table. The dirt was on a plate that had a spoon on it. There was dirt on the lace table cloth as well as the floor. She was asleep in her bed. The attendant came in the room with me to get her up and dressed. I asked the attendant if she thought my mother ate the dirt. We both had no idea. That is until the attendant said good morning to my mother and my mother smiled and we both noticed all the dirt stuck in her teeth and in her mouth. OMG!!! I know they gave her meds to increase her appetite, but this is a little much !!! Seriously though, is this another phase in the dementia - eating bizarre things?