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Re: lab results, but still have symptoms :(

Hello dear Fresno,
You are good to think of these many aspects...on the right track. To answer your questions...
Yes, I have been diagnosed with other "auto immune" diseases. Celiac disease for example, when and if I eat any gluten, mainly wheat, my body reacts to it with itchy rashes which appear sometimes on back of my legs, knees, arms...oh yeah lots of fun. At one time I was diagnosed with "chronic fatigue" syndrome, a Dr. in NY told me it was an autoimmune problem. (There are times I think my immune system is off because I was not breast fed. When a baby is breast fed they get what is needed for a strong immune system. And if GMO's were part of the formula given to me, what kind of start does that baby have?)
As you can see, you can research to your heart's content, or as much as your pretty little brain can handle in this thyroid confusion, but there will be times when you come to a place where your instincts tell you something that clicks for you. Your extreme fatigue could simply be the thyroid or as you are questioning something else. I know sometimes it is hard to believe the thyroid can make you so exhausted.

Very good to take a look at your diet and supplements. Yes, I have low vitamin D which is common in thyroid disorders. I take Vit D3. (quality of supplements matter, I like Procap Labs by Andrew Lessman, he will be on HSN this coming additives which helps a lot)
B12, yes, I used to get shots at the Dr. and take B12 supplements. Now I actually inject myself in my thigh with B12, Dr. gave me a script for it. Gives me energy in the afternoon.
Magnesium is amazing. A bath in Epsom salts will relax you and give you the magnesium you need. This is what I do and it works for me. Put some hot water in the tub, with at least half of a box of Epsom Salts. Then add 1/2 box of Kosher salt. Mix it up with hot water. Say there is 2" of hot water in tub, get in the tub. When the water cools a little, add more hot water. Do this repeatedly, the idea being keep the water as hot as you can take it. I stay in that tub for at least 1 hr, sometimes longer. I light candles, play music to relax. Not feeling well can take it's toll on your nerves. When I do this bath I sleep like a baby at night and wake up in a very good mood.
Be careful of magnesium supplements if you choose that route. You want to take magnesium glycinate if you are going to take it in high doses, magnesium oxide or other forms of magnesium at high dose (800 mg) may cause urgent loose stools which you do not need. (blood work can tell you whether you need more of any supplements)
Selenium, yes again, taken as a supplement. I also take Omega 3, good for depression and oh so many other things as well. Good to take if you are not a big fish eater. (Lessman's no flavor brand is best for me)
One other item you may want to look at it gluten in your diet. A few books I have read stated that in some people their body sees the gluten similar to thyroid and will attack the thyroid as a foreign object. Some authors say gluten can have a reaction within the body for up to 6 months after eating it.
A high protein, low carb diet seems to make sense to me, it seems I feel best on that. I have also studied green juice fasting, have fasted on juice for different periods of time. Felt very good doing this as well.
I did not feel well on Synthroid, so I stopped taking it. That is the thing about this thyroid disorder. You can always change what you are taking because we are all different and what works for you may not work for another.

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