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Unhappy Undiagnosed pituitary disease

hi, i have been very sick for exactly 1 year as of right now.i have been to about 8 drs & nobody can tell me whats wrong.all they tell me is that my symptoms are very just wondering if anyone ever had these symptoms and maybe got a real diagnosis to what this is.symptoms are: LOW ADRENAL LEVELS ,LOW THYROID LEVELS,LOW ESTROGEN LEVELS,BUT HIGH PROLACTIN LEVELS.ive had no period for 1 year major problem is the tremendous amount of weight gain .ive gained 80pds in 1 year.every part of my body is swollen. my feet burn and hurt every single day.i can hardly walk,cant bend,cant do what i normally would have been able to do.(and i was extremely active)ive tried every diet and exercise and nothing seems to work.i gain a HALF A POUND TO A POUND EVERY DAY.may be every other day i wll stay the same,but comes next day ,weight goes up again.i cant take anymore of this.i have 5 year old twins that i cant even take care of. drs cant explain the weight nor can they diagnose me.can any one possibly help with anything they may know on this topic, since these drs are utterly USELESSSSSSSSSSS.thank u so much-i forgot to add in the meds. im on 100mg of levothyroxin in morning and 10 mg of hydrocortisone am and 5mg at 4pm.thanks again

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