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Re: Quick Weight loss - saggy skin help?

Water is the biggest thing. Like 80 or more ounces a day. Get a really good lotion, it doesn't need to be one that's labled for toning skin, any good lotion will work. I really like Dove Pro Age. Make sure you are taking your vitamins, with that much weight loss you are probably really low. And exercise when you're able (being ill right now, that might not be an option yet) stretching as in yoga, and strength training.
I've just started on my new healthy lifestyle, I Googled what to do for saggy skin, I don't want to lose all this weight just to start feeling bad about extra skin. These were the suggestions I found, so far my skin seems to be tightening as I lose weight.
Sorry your weight loss got kicked off by illness, hope you feel better very soon.

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