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Re: Do doctors frown upon the uninsured?

Thank You also Ken for your response!We can hope things work out for us here in USA and all over the world for that matter..Every child,woman,man deserves equal and proper medical care despite their income,background,pre-existing illness or whatever it is they may be dealing with.My cat has an autoimmune illness,and his care from his doctors has been excellent,despite the fact that he has no health insurance! Maybe I should go to the vets!!!!They seem to care more at times,and dont discriminate..I can pay cash,or make payments on his care if I am "short" financial wise..I just dont understand our system anymore.Was it created by the distrust of those who refused to pay the doctors after they were given proper care,,or was it caused by greed of some doctors-NOT ALL- who just want to become rich.I dont know.......But thank you both for your care in taking the time to give me your thoughtful input.