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Entire family very bloated and gassy... please help

Almost four weeks ago, I suddenly started feeling very bloated. My stomach was churning almost constantly, and I could feel it producing lots of gas inside me. It was very frustrating and uncomfortable, and I went to lengths to get it out (coughing, burping, etc...). I had no other abdominal symptoms, other than the occasional pain or nausea from pent up gas. I went to the doctor, suspecting parasites. My doctor gave me a blood test and a test for intestinal parasites, all of which came back normal/negative. I was told it might be a virus, and that it should go away on its own in a few days.

I live with my family. My parents and sister both started having abdominal problems about a week before my bloatedness began. My father vomited a few times early on, but the vomiting quickly subsided. My sister and mother have been experiencing diarrhea and stomachaches for the past 5 weeks. All of us feel very gassy and bloated.

What could it be? I went back to my doctor and asked to be tested for h pylori. The results were again negative. I'm at my wit's end trying to figure out what we could possibly have contracted. I've been eating lots of probiotic yogurt, and it seems to help some. Please help?

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