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Re: anxiety got worse been on sertraline 9 days

Yes im still on them been on them 19 days now still feel like a zombie and waking up at 3 in the morn my heart beating fast hot not myself i have to wake my husband up because im that scared im going to pass out and die then i have to get up because i feel even worse just laid in bed , im taking 50mg of sertraline in a morning im only getting 5 hours sleep and ive got kids to take to school i dont know how i am keeping going i know it says you feel worse before you get better but after nearly 3 weeks i should be feeling abit better i was right to start with with my anxiety and i really want them to woke for me but i feel alot worse , keep taking them hoping they will kick in but i dont know if to stop with them because i cant take much more of feeling so bad , are you taking sertraline for anxiety? have you slept any better or feeling any better ? and how much are you on ? i am here for you .