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Re: Please help diagnose,severe discomfort

Originally Posted by Gugulimo View Post
Hi there, Some symptoms you describe do sound like they are still from GERD. If you do have costocondritis (caused by inflammation of the cartilage on the ribs), then doing physio therapy might bring you immediate relief (short wave therapy). Some balms that you apply for muscular aches actually help with the pain temporarily. For a permanent cure for both GERD and costocondritis, eastern Ayurveda will help you out. Wishing you well...
Hi, does GERD give pain when we stretch my body, I do not have pain with normal body movements as in costochondritis. Pain increase when I stretch my stomach. is gas pains different to GERD . I use manuka honey, eat carrots,chicken liver etc. could you please suggest any Ayurvedic recommendations.