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Re: Are these floaters

Originally Posted by calvin1 View Post
Normal? What is "normal." There is "normal" as in "typical." And there is "normal" as in "healthy." The Audiologist said my hearing is normal. I said "Do you mean normal for someone my age or do you mean average for the whole population or what exactly do you mean?" When I asked my optometrist about floaters, he said everybody gets them and you'll get used to them. I trusted him and hence unnecessarily and unwisely delayed going to an ophthalmologist for several years . Don't make that mistake. Floaters are not normal in any sense of the word. jmo
When I said "normal" I was referring to 'Blue Field Entopic Phenomenon', not floaters. And if you do some research on that you'll find that seeing it is "normal", in whatever way you want to interpret it. Some people see it, some people don't, just like some people have moles, others don't, some men have hair on their chest, others don't, etc. When you say you "unnecessarily and unwisely delayed going to an ophthalmologist" I'm assuming you're talking about floaters - what did he or she tell you? That you waited for too long and if you'd come earlier then they would've helped you get rid of them and now they can't?