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Re: Osteoporosis - search for secondary cause

Ladybud, who do you consider to be an "osteo-specialist"? I am having a lot of trouble finding one! I have seen endocrinologists, GI docs, infectious disease specialists, and immunologists to try to put the pieces together but no one seems to specialize in uncovering the cause of osteoporosis in someone my age.

I am hypothyroid and take thyroid replacement (just a small amount) but am supposedly not deficient in anything else. About a year ago, I switched to a gluten/dairy free diet even though I do not have celiac in the hopes that the change in diet might help. I recently tested slightly low in Vitamin D but the endocrinologist who tested me says that it's not low enough to cause the osteo. My calcium level is actually high. I am trying to have children naturally so the meds are not an option for me even though I have experienced several compression fractures. Doctors tell me that Forteo is the only one I should consider, and only as a last resort