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Re: Very High Urine Post Void Residual Why? What to do?

For an additional opinion I visited a good friend of mine also urologist. Did ultrasound scan of bladder prior and post voiding, measurement of flow peak/profile and DRE.

From about 1.5L pre-voiding I could only void 50% to about 0.7L post-void (PVR) ! He said, considering the historic, I might be suffering of a chronic retention and even the top dose of tamsulosin (2x0.4mg/d) does not seem to help.

However, the somewhat discordant fact is that, despite the huge PVR, the voiding profile and peak is reasonable (he was expecting much worse) and looks typical of BPH.

He said that even after a TURP it is not sure the condition of a bladder lacking tone could be solved. Do you know more about this condition and how it could be treated?

He typically would recommend tamsulosin + finasteride for 6 months after which, if no effect, TURP would be the gold standard.

I am not fully convinced as I feel too young for such high PVR and very concerned by the TURP potential side effects, mainly incontinence.

I will return to my current urologist in a couple of months and I think he will recommend a cystoscopy and/or urodynamic test to check the bladder condition first.

I wonder if you have had a similar condition and how you managed. Your comment, any comment, is greatly appreciated.

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