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Go ethnic

Lots of ethnic cuisines stay away from the gluten containing wheat, barley and rye. Asian cuisine with rice, vegetables and soy -- just ask them to leave out the fried gluten. Mexican cuisine, based on corn and beans, just have to avoid the flour tortillas. Even good old American meatloaf and potatoes is gluten free IF you leave off the gravy.

Check into Korean cuisine. If you can tolerate kimchi well, it may help to improve your intestinal flora to the point that it tempers your food sensitivities. Koreans do some innovative things with sweet potatoes as the dietary starch, mixing it half-half with rice, or french frying them, or making them into noodles.

To help with the psychology of it, just forget about "gluten-free" bread and put your desire to eat bread behind you. There are plenty of other carbohydrates you can eat besides bread: polenta, grits, potatoes, rice, buckwheat groats, millet, taro, sorghum, quinoa. These things may be hard to find in your typical American supermarket, but if you check out the ethnic markets, you will be amazed at all the other possibilities.

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