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Re: Fusion or Not

All I can say is everyone I know that has had surgery on their back, never came out the same. I know you are not the same, but I mean, they ended up taking more medicines, needing to see more doctors, and to be brutally honest, it ended up killing my mom. She had fusion in neck and lower back after 25 years of nursing. She died unemployable, disabled, and on 6 different pain killers just to get through the day. I now have back issues...but once I got off the pain killers, it was just amazing how much better I actually began to feel. I know its a tough decision...hope of getting your life back, or the risk of the unknown...but just remember through all matter what the dr tells you, you know your own body...and the moment you open it up, and begin changing the most important piece of structure, the spine, and you fuse it into pieces, who are they to tell you that everything will be alright....and if you feel any hesitation AT ALL...then do not go through with it...hell in 10 years there is no telling what they could do...10 years ago, imitation discs didnt exist, which is why the had to fuse to begin with....hope that helps.