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Re: Is my five year old autistic?

hi my daughter has autism, she is almost 4. autism is a very wide spectrum and can show in many ways. some of the things you mentioned does sound like possible autism. i know you say that at the moment its not possible to get him checked over but its something you need to do sooner than later. the younger a child starts therapy the better the chances of improving. you can work on some things at home, try to make regular eye contact with your son, hold objects he wants up near your eyes so he knows to look in that direction, holding objects out of reach is also a good way to encourage pointing etc, he needs to communicate everything he needs other than just giving it straight to him. when he does communicate praise him. read to him, point and name everything. your son may or may not be autistic but remember its not the end of the world, you will receive plenty of support and help for your son

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