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My friend making bad decisions with her 15yo daughter

I would love some advice. My best friend has a 15 year old daughter, "K"
K is beautiful, smart, fun and a really good kid. Last year, she befriended her 22 year old field hockey coach. We thought it was fine because she was basically giving her rides to practices and games. They have since become inseparable.
They spend every free minute together, sleepovers etc. the friend comes over to their house at 10pm on a school night & stays until 2-3am. I think it's a bad, bad idea. The friend seems like a nice person but I have no idea why she would want her best friend to be a 15 year old. She's a bartender of all things. I've told my friend many times that I don't like it at all and she doesn't seem to think its bad. She doesn't think K would ever drink underage or do anything she isn't supposed to. Also, K came to her parents last summer and said she's been cutting.
She's cutting because of a eating disorder. My friend has her in counseling but refuses to question her at all about what she's had to eat or about her weight.'If she says her weight is healthy, or she's not cutting, my friend believes her because she doesn't think she would lie to her. I'm very concerned about all of this and I know it's not my business and I do keep my mouth shut most of the time. Is she handeling all of this well? We've been best friends all our lives and K is like a daughter to me & I'm scared for her.

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