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Re: Questions about Heroin Relapse

I agree with nicole marie and with what most of everything she said, but your brother was detoxed and then used one last time after treatment. Instead of using for a long period and then using the one more time act towards the end of his actual use. So i can understand your concern, if he chose to relapse then it would certainly take a lot of personal strength to just not use again after that. It isn't impossible but not very likely he only used once after relapsing if his attitude is don't worry instead of i need to talk to my sponsor or go to more meetings to avoid it happening again. 1 is to many and a thousand is never enough, or something like that haha. I do hope he did only use once and he is back on track for a clean lifestyle. But this needs to be taken seriously because it is his life and if he continues his use you and your family will either be talking to him from behind glass or beyond the grave. Hope this helps good luck

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