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Re: My friend making bad decisions with her 15yo daughter

Hello back
I have expressed my concern many, many times. I've told her what websites I've been on learning about cutting and ED's. she cuts me off pretty quickly. I've told her that, of course people are going to lie, that's how they can keep doing what they want or need to do so badly. Last summer when K told them she had been cutting and stopped. They pretty much left it as ok, she told us and told us she has stopped, of course we're going to trust her.
I was reading pro Ana sites and there were a lot of things that screamed out to me. I told my friend about it, what the website was, etc. a few weeks later, I asked her if she did any research and she said "no". I think she's just willing to believe anything she says. One of K's friends came to my friend recently and said K still cutting and really never stopped. They got her a great therapist but don't ever talk to her about these things. She says its just too upsetting & she's seeing a therapist. End of story... Thanks for replying! I would appreciate any information you are willing to share. I know pretty much nothing about cutting